Lost isn’t losing, though

In the wrong lane
All the lines look the same
And signs say nothing
Unless you speak the local language
I guessed correctly a few times though

For a while, I was going west
I think
Where does the sun set, again?

I always forget

And never remember to roll my windows up
When it rains


45 minutes late

A shortened life
And plenty reason to celebrate
Every circle has itself to complete

Even something
So in stone as the moon
Was once an edge
Two points
Each attracted to the other

and Completely
But to an appropriately
Fragile degree

When ready to crash
Or be crashed into
There will be no helping it

If we are invited
We will be there

Channel your History

Which caves in your mind
Have been inhabited by aliens?
And which have been proven so?

What I don’t know
Is how anything really
Arrives at its home

If I knew, I’d be on my way
To my own

A cave in your mind


All nights have been late, lately
Nevermind the necessities
A fine lesson, he
Demonstrates fate,
Traps it in a laundromat retail crate
Then shelves it next to the hollywood remakes
Unlock a Redbox alternative
And don’t forget a Baby-Rooth
to soothe your sweet-tooth
Candy halves the cavities
In your sanity
And your eyes accept the lucid tries
Of those teams of dreamers
Assembling the screen-plays
celebrating; creating
tissue-paper streamers like origami relays
Because one view does wonders
When hunters are wanters
And people that matter are havers
the rich switch places and become the prey
What a story- anything but boring
all neatly and completely stored away
Don’t stop me now; I could watch this for days