To the Gingko Tree

on our block, you alone can relive
the Cretaceous combustion begun
by the burning asteroid descent

and refeel the uranium mushroom
of Hiroshima stripping your leaves
to the seeds that sustained you again

on our block, we prefer not to pass
the collection of fruit you let squish
in butyric acid on the sidewalks

that remind us of Tuesday night gigs
where we vomited after the show
and the fish we let float at the top

in apartments unkempt in our lives
where we cannot imagine that you
would embrace all our pain as the same


3 thoughts on “To the Gingko Tree

  1. Grace, this is important. Thank you for writing it. You remind me that greater craft does not mask or diminish honesty, but heightens and further communicates it.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I’ve been experimenting with different forms (some more successfully than others) and I find that they really help me pay closer attention to the essence of what I’m writing. I tried this subject in a few other forms until I found the meter that made it all connect.

  3. Not only is this a wonderfully well-written poem, but it also addresses an alarming and extremely important current issue with subtle references. I really enjoyed it!

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