i have no inspiration for my fact checking brain

or any idea of where to find it

orthodoxy won’t help me here


tandem truths and metaphors are a….

cliffhanging indent

referencing, researching, again and again. 

evaluating, perfecting, EXCELLENCE


caught up in correctness without heartfelt awareness

i tell it to shut the hell up


embrace with me the disturbing quietness as I reveal without a second thought the flailing wriggling angry stuffed under the rug little boy i try desperately to lock away


i can’t do it


what some call indecency sometimes looks more to me like humanity 

i call upon the pits of our hearts to quit trying so hard to be stoic gods who have it all together

i don’t believe you when you look like a dead man

tear away these dry brittle paper bags you call church clothes and get drenched in life

listen to this, boy

you are small and bright 

don’t you dare hide your face from your friends











One thought on “Revelation

  1. Justin–hi! Thank you for this unashamed revelation. It echoes a lot of my own thoughts recently as I’ve been writing poems and recognizing my/our obsession with correctness. I also love the image of the “pits of our hearts. It seems to me that the process is often the heart of inspiration–our struggle to be aware of the life around us.

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