Let me

Wear what you want
My eyes will be closed
You should see you
In my sleep, though

Light as you can be
And vivid as you can’t
No need to be a dancer
Anyone can dance

Everything under the sun
Collects light from above it
So you glow, as transcendent

Let me for a moment
be a shadow on your skin
So priveleged as a pardoned sin

For contrast is a photographer’s dream
And at this hour all walls
Watch like a camera..

Set the scene
Choose a lens
At your will
The image bends

Film streams through some mind
Perhaps my own

Processed in the morning
It will please me just as slightly less
But pleasure doesn’t not confess

Desire, awake but yet to rise
Forgets it knows silence can lie
And speaks

Oh, how well we love when we are weak
How awake my mind when I’m asleep


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