The Wichita Tales

Poem 1-Gurley/Wade


Freaking creepy house 

           It passed by so fast.

           Carrying in it the screams of years past.

And yet, maybe some laughs. 


And as we drive further away. 

         Through time, distance, experience. 

          The laughs and screams sound the same.

Because of my perspective change


And in the time of the silent ride. 

          We’ll try to hear the thoughts they cried. 

           Perhaps we’ll succeed, perhaps we’ll fail.

But we’ll be better for trying to see through their eyes. 


Poem 2-Gurley/Wade


Black is the night.

Black is the knight.

Black is the kite 

flying in the black night. 


Black is the string that ties it to me. 

I’m a kid, doing kid things. 

But I wear black armor. 

But I fly a black kite. 

But I fly it in the black night. 


Years from now, 

the black fades to white.

The kite becomes the light 

of the night in the knight. 


The lost child 

brightens my black night. 

My black knight.

my black kite. 


Poem 3-Gurley(dictation)/Wade(transcription)


La poema tres. 

el fin de mes.

muchas veces antes. 


Yo escribía una por día 

y ahora

tengo que escribir una mas 


y cuando es terminado 

estaré completo 


pero el círculo 

de mi vida 

justo estará 





buen trabajo mi amigo. 


Poem 4-Wade


I had a thought…

What was it?


Ah yes, I’d rather be blind. 

If I had to choose, I’d rather be blind. 

Than deaf. 


I’d choose to hear and not see

instead of see and not hear. 


It would be inconvenient.

I’d walk with a cane. 

I’d move much slower. 

 I wouldn’t be able to look out windows. 


But I could hear. 

I could talk with people. 

Hear their voics and be close to them. 


I’d be completely present where I am at. 

Just in my little bublbble of sound in the world. 

It spreads out to babout fifteen feeet around me. 

 I can hear everything. 

Nathan thompson talking. 

MItch heller and brook doerkson.

Tim wescott is behind me too. 

They are talking about tilson. 

Most of them don’t know who he is.

Neither do I. 


But guess what>

I typed this whole thing blind. 


Poem 5-Gurley


Have you ever tried to write against the clock?


it’s pretty tough to force your own thought.


but now 


I am trying to remember why I do the things I do.


Why I feel the way I do.


But the laughs distract me, and the smiles make me tremble.


and the legs stop me




Poem 6-Wade


Stars shine bright overhead.

They are the same stars over his head.

Over hers.

Over theirs.


The stars are over our heads.

They twinkle, they glint.

They whisper their light into the night.

they sneak it down through the sky.


For some reason,

they want us to see their light.

The way they shine

Their formation and line. 



Maybe because they want to

They think their light is just so great.


Or perhaps 

they merely want me to find my way

On this late spring night. 


Poem 7-Gurley


Does this scruff make me seem too bold?


Do these miles make seem to cold?


Have you ever witnessed what it is I am made of?

What it is all the miles paid for?


Can I show you how far I can go?

Or would you rather just listen, and pretend

to care?


I know that right now, we’re so close,

But in 24 hours we’ll be distant again,

And my feet will burn as yours rest.

My thighs will quiver as yours relax.

And my breath will force itself through me

As yours calmly reminds you


that you are OK.


Poem 8-Wade



My soul is with me

And yours with you.

It is as close as we can get 

to knowing each other’s truth.


An action, voice, word or feeling

They all communicate person’s 

to each other.


But not thoughts. 

As long as they remain unspoken.

Unacted upon.




At least,

I can’t read your mind.

And I hope you can’t read mine. 


Yet there are times that I wish you could.

And if not my mind.

At least my heart.


Poem 9-Gurley


I only have a minute

to tell you what I am.


So won’t you please just listen,

and here me this once?


the orange moon is rising,

and it makes me want you more.


But I know the sun will chase it.

And I know my chase will end.


Poem 10-Wade



The most empathetic of fabric.

Once placed on a body

it immmediately forms to its shape.


When the body sweats, 

the spandex gets salty.

The body gets cold,

The spandex felt it first.


Sometimes, I want to be like spandex.


Poem 11-Gurley


The strangest thought I ever had.


I was flying in a banana peel,


And my hands were made of cups.


Poem 12-Wade



That is what I’m thirsty for.

I haven’t drank for an hour

or so.



That is what I’m thirsty for.

I haven’t rested for a week

or so.



That is what I’m thirsty for.

I haven’t thought of him for a bit. 

But I am thirsty still. 


Poem 13-Gurley


Prove to me that you’re nice.

I want to hear you say it.


I want to know that you care

and that you would give yourself


for anything.


Prove to me that you’re more

than just a pretty face.


I want to see you show me,

and I need to know you hear me.



Poem 14-Benton


My shoes smell 

my legs feel like hell,

but my day was swell.


Boom son.


Poem 15-Wade


Reality is where I live.

But sometimes that’s not where I think

I think in my head.

And many times 

it is a far cry from reality.


The remedy is reminder.

My head just needs 

to be reminded of reality.


And what is reality?

the kingdom is unshakeable.

I am safe, secure, provided for. 

Keep living bro, you’ll get there. 


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