A Reminder from the Devil

A great idea
Is to seek out choices
with little consequence
So that nobody questions you
And you don’t have to waste your time
Making up reasons
For the validity of your actions

A great idea
Is to do everything in moderation
So nobody notices
How much you take of anything
Less is more
Quiet speaks well enough
And doesn’t wake the neighbors

The moment you stand up for something concrete
The moment you step out of your ambiguity
The moment you tell somebody you think they’re wrong
The moment you defend your faith…

They will surely hate you

And hate is way too decisive an emotion
To wish upon another

The more sure you are
The more sure other people will be
About whether you are right or wrong

Why give them those options?
They are options of a dangerous breed
The kinds of options with aforementioned consequence

Right and wrong start arguments
Right and wrong start wars

The choice to make no choice
Is yours


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