I’m not here often
but when I am
it’s always my first time

corners are softened
and your fingers demand
the surrendering of my mind

four tables and you
are all paid for
/essential to the atmosphere

how much of you are you when you are here?

practiced impulses
have learned adaptable class
mechanical lows built underneath organic highs
surprising as the mixture in my glass

sip through your straw
in the three intermittent seconds
does an audience increase or lessen
how deep you dig into the strings?

curiosity beckons

you have more listeners than you think
(and far less than you deserve)
women hiding behind pillars
compliments and unspoken -but flattering- words
my friends have ears
and my pen has ears
and the “when” says you have years (to prepare)
yes, there is more sophisticated air
to house your passion
but we are important for as long as we dare
even if in a plainer fashion

we are a humble but consistent crowd
we clap quiet but we want to clap loud
I guess we need you slightly more
than we should be allowed

we hope somehow your heart is softened
and you see that far
is not close enough to our minds

stars aren’t here very often
and when they are
it’s always for a short time


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