From Us

I wonder for you, if it feels like a trap
Having taken something that’s impossible to give back

In your dominance, you are found weaker
Carrying for so long now
What she deserved to keep
You are more than just a pleasure-seeker
You are a thief

I don’t know if you know this but
You stole the dark from us

You stole the dark from us
When you stole that moment
And many moments afterwards
See, whether or not you have forgotten
She hasn’t, and sometimes
It’s hard to keep track
Of who is you and who is me

You are in her memories
And simultaneously in mine
You haunt me
Because you haunt her
In the intimate moments we’d like to
Purely, innocently share
She is scared
Somehow, it’s like you’re still there
She now knows that yes, a man would dare
And I find myself under prepared
To convince her I do, actually care
Were you so unaware
Of how entirely unfair
It was and now is?
I can’t run my fingers through her hair
Without a small background-dwelling doubt
Whispering to her that no touch
Is worthy of trust

My face gets replaced by you if the lights aren’t on
So we waste light-bulbs
Leaving switches up
To prevent my figure being mistaken
For another
I promise her it really is me, not you, adjacent
But you’re stuck in the poor girl’s imagination

Yes, you stole the dark from us
And much, much more
Because to be used once
Is to fear being used twice
You stole the security in her mind
As if it wasn’t enough to
Steal her first time

You stole an atrium of her heart from us
You stole a glimmer of the spark from us
You stole what you could not give back
When you stole the dark from us


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