Go Back to Bed

Welcome to sleep deprivation, wh
ere maps are drawn by geographi
cally dyslexic children and ev
ery turn is more wrong than ri
ght. There’s only one way out,
and that’s through meticulo
usly cancelling any plans n
ot involving sleep. Memori
es you build today will b
e difficult to keep. Crea
ting will feel forced; m
ore bitter than sweet.
People will talk to y
ou and wonder why yo
u’re not responding,
while you talk to p
eople and wonder w
hy they are lookin
g at you strangel
y. Isn’t it perf
ectly normal to
not be fully w
here you are?
I see people
disappear al
l the time.
Little by
they s
eem t
o be


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