Did you hear?

Be greedy with the sound space
Teach me how to listen
By not
Allowing me to speak

Tear out the sidewalks
Make room for wider, safer streets
More cars/more lanes
Way too many people traveling on their feet
So exposed to the wind
So exposed to the heat

Don’t act like a stranger
Would be exciting to meet…
Keep your living room messy
Your toy-box organized… nice and neat

Did you hear?
Watering grass is illegal now
Breaking glass is encouraged
If the sky doesn’t want to rain
The sky doesn’t want a green ground
And windows have always been too welcoming
Board them up. All of them. Or most of them.
Depending on the amount of energy you’ve been blessed with.
I don’t know how those
Right-angled holes initially appeared in
Perfectly complete walls, anyways
It’s strange
How it appears almost as if
Someone designed them like that

And someone designed
The Earth to selectively repel meteors
Using it’s super-secret stash of anti-gravity
When it doesn’t want to lose another
Moon’s-worth of crust
When it likes being perfectly round
The way preschoolers draw it on
Pink construction paper

Did you hear?
Nobody gets it when you follow patterns
Nobody relates to a phrase
You decide is pivotal enough to repeat

Did you hear?
Recycling is against community-life standards
Plastic is people, too
And if you’ve ever been used
You know you’d rather it not happen again

Did you hear?
Forgiving people is an out-dated concept
If you remember at all
Be proud of your recollection skills
Wear your grudge like a crown
If it hurt you then
It’s worth letting it hurt you now

Leave everything just the way you found it
Except for the things that don’t make sense
Leave everything just exactly the way it is
Unless you have time to stay after-hours
And sort it all out

As for me,
I usually and on days like today leave early
Because I don’t want to be too agreeable


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