Nice to Be Here

something about a well-positioned mirror
(if also well-lit)
can surprise you at just the right moment
with a face you recognize

what’s the longest you’ve stared into your own eyes?
(without realizing the left and right are switched)
I forget how quickly hope can materialize
in the absent of regret

yesterday, I chose to forget
(but keep available)
any memories threatening to slow me down

without making a sound
(not even in my head)
I stood up on my bed
hesitated once
and took them off the wall

if they’re ever going to be there again
(or in my sight at all)
they will have to crawl
up on their own accord.
all the control I can afford,
I’ve spent

that’s why it’s nice to be here
(in someone else’s room)
in a chair my body isn’t used to;
writing on a desk I didn’t
strategically place away from the window light


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