We Walked Little Brother Home

We walked him home
After kicking a ball around
Sending joy from one to another
By way of a few feeble feet
Laughter painting the grey
Tells me he’s a wrestler

We walked him home
Across empty lots of crabgrass
Far tougher than I
Tied here without anyone’s prompting
Taking far less attention to become attached
Because attention’s hard to come by

We walked him home
Into his bed room
Half a jungle of dilapidation
The forest floor once carpet
Beyond the shepard dog, whose shit conquers the
Air, remember.

We walked him home
To see his medals nailed on the wall, distant suns
Out shone by the manufactured
Light of a television screen
About as big as the
Moon, made in China

We walked him home
To a destination of need
A tired mindset we forget exists
Does he wrestle boys?
Or is he wrestling men?
Who make the moons we worship

I told him he’s something special
And never meant it more

We walked little brother home.
We walked him home.


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