The Long Run

When I’ve spent so much time alone

Out running on the empty road,

I begin to hear the footsteps fall

One by one, and one for all.

I passed the city lights long past,

Faster now, ever so fast.

Forward we fly under bright night sky,

Stars as guides, never look behind.


Here in the wild unknown dirt,

Where I know no feet have tread,

I make my home, I paint it red.

And when you follow where my feet have bled,

You’ll know just how bad I hurt.


And then, then I can love you.



3 thoughts on “The Long Run

  1. Dude. This poem is great. I think it’s some of your best work ever. The comment on the sonnet is formally interesting, although I think I miss the final couplet; the last line does feel out on its own down there a bit. But overall, I think this is an extremely successful work. It’s packed with emotion and with great wordplay. One by one and one for all? Come on. How did you even think of that.

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