The Cafe (Parts 1 & 2)

¶    Part 1

Nestled in the corners

Of a dresser drawer

Amidst the skins his feet squeeze into

To fight off the penetrating atmospheres

Sits the box which holds all that’s dear

Awakens his tear ducts

Reminds him


The one who shared that drawer


Wets the blue of his jeans

What was and is

Always will be


¶   Part 2

On Tuesdays mornings

with seasoned associates

They meet to ‘warm their insides’

In order to be ready for the day

Of biding time doing what they want

Hardly missing their old lengthy to-dos

But still remembering how sharp they once were

‘We having a party tonight?’

‘Well I don’t know’

‘You may never have another anniversary’

Knowing this as truth

All the way down to the stockings she knit him


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